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Scripture Memory Resources on Pinterest

New Scripture memory resource pins have been added on our Spiritual Guidance Pinterest Board.   Printable scripture cards, memory techniques, etc.   Take a look and see if there is something new that fits your needs.

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Financial Aid Webinar – Walla Walla University

Walla Walla University is hosting an online financial aid webinar this week.  You have two opportunities to participate. Don’t dismiss this webinar because your student is not planning to attend Walla Walla University.   The webinars will cover the process of applying for financial aid to most college and universities, grants, scholarships, and affordability of a Christian education.     BOTH of the hour-long webinars will be on Wednesday, November 8th at 4pm and 7pm PST.    Click the links or the image above to register today!

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eWeek of Prayer – November 12-18

The General Conference Youth Ministries Department will be hosting an online Week of Prayer beginning November 12th, 2017 at    You can also view and download past Junior and Senior Youth Week of Prayer resources on the same page.

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Bible & Spirit of Prophecy Reading Plan

Would you like to combine reading the Bible with the corresponding Spirit of Prophecy books?  The Encounter series has it all organized for you in a .pdf download.  The Encounter Series was originally created as an AY/Pathfinder club reading plan.  Many people have discovered that this reading plan works wonderfully as a Bible curriculum for middle or high school-aged students, or as a family worship reading outline.

You can download the .pdf files directly from the links below.

Encounter Plan Series 1- Christ The Way   The Four Gospels and Desire of Ages

Encounter Plan Series 2- Christ The Church   Acts to Revelation,  Acts of the Apostles, The Great Controversy

Encounter Plan Series 3- Christ Our Redemption  First half of the Old Testament and Patriarchs and Prophets

Encounter Plan Series 4- Christ Our Hope  Last half of the Old Testament and Prophets and Kings


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SDA Health Studies Resource

If you are looking for a heath studies resource that incorporates Spirit of Prophecy, then consider Medical Missionary Kids.   Through Medical Missionary Kids, your child can learn about the 8 laws of health and their practical application with lessons in hydrotherapy, making poultices, food preparation and more.   Programming  offerings include a homeschool online course as well as mini camps for hands-on training.   You can browse the information-filled website and find the program that fits your budget.  You can also review the online course syllabus as well as find out more about the lessons taught and materials used and meet the course instructors.

The next online course begins September 3rd, with registration ending August 30th.  Visit to learn more.


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The Civil War Trust – A US History Resource

Between middle school and high school,  many homeschoolers cover  US history twice and US Government once.   That means a need for wide variety of Civil War resources.  Fortunately, the Civil War Trust website has it all.  Click on the Education link and you will discover primary source documents, animated maps, photographs, videos, quizzes- more than enough material for either a survey of the Civil War period or an in-depth study.  The teacher lesson plans are categorized by grade level from elementary to high school.  There are even gifted and talented level lesson plans for the student that needs a challenge.  The printable and downloadable lesson plans are organized by themes and include links to worksheets and media supplements.

If you prefer to use only non-fiction materials in your history studies, you will find everything you need on this site.  Your Civil War study can focus on reading and analyzing primary sources with a wealth of newspaper opinion pieces, letters, speeches and other historic  documents available.  If you happen to own a pair of 3-D glasses, you will find the stereoview photographs- the 19th century version of 3-D photography to be especially intriguing.

The Civil War Trust is more than just an amazing history resource.  The Trust also has a goal of reclaiming and preserving important Civil War sites throughout America.  So far, they have saved more than 40,000 acres. Impressive.  This is a must-bookmark website.