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New Curriculum Updates for SEM

SonLight Education Ministry (SEM)  has released several new items this week that are ready for free download.

For those who are not aware, SonLight Education Ministry is a sister ministry to Adventist Home Educator.  SEM offers free .pdf downloads of True Education curriculum/materials on a well-organized Google Drive page.  SEM Google Drive

Take a moment to visit the updated Released Materials page at the SEM website.

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Want to Learn More about SonLight Education Ministry?




SonLight Education Ministry sent out a newsletter today.  Did it pique your interest?  Are you curious to learn more about these free-to-download Christian homeschooling curriculum?  Curious on how to get started?

These SonLight Education Ministry website will give you the information you need to get started.  Start first with the FAQ section to learn about the available curriculum materials. The  website also has the links to the Google Drive with the free currently released curriculum downloads.   Contact information for guidance in implementing the curriculum in your home is also on the website.

There are several social media resources available for those using the SonLight Education Ministry materials.     There is a SonLight Education Ministry Facebook PAGE to keep you updated on curriculum releases and other relevant news.  There is also an active  SonLight Education Ministry Facebook GROUP that will connect you with parents from around the world who are currently using the curriculum materials.



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Lunch and Learn Q&A – Tomorrow @ Noon EST

Need help getting started with Sonlight Education Ministry materials?  Join Sonlight counselor Yolanda on Periscope for a Lunch and Learn  Q&A – Friday, December 9th at 12:00 noon Eastern Time.   The focus for this lunch and learn will be on the Road Map and Route– have your questions ready!  If you are not able to participate in tomorrow’s lunch and learn, you may leave a question for Yolanda on the Sonlight Education Ministry Facebook page and watch the replay at your convenience.


You can find Yolanda’s Periscope page HERE as well as download the app to able to participate.

Link to the Road Map and Route

Another lunch and learn Periscope session is scheduled for December 30th.

See you tomorrow!




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SonLight Education Downloads Update


We have an update.  Lesson 10 of the 2-8 Grade Lessons has been scanned and uploaded to the Google Drive.  This is a scan of the masters; it has not been revised.  I added folders in the 2-8 Grade Lessons that say “Unrevised – Scanned Older Books”.  This is the folder in which you will now find Lessons 9 and 10.  They are in the subject folders.  We hope this is not too confusing for you.  Click for the link to the Google Drive.

Please let us know if you have trouble finding the materials.  Happy Teaching!


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SonLight Education Ministry Update


We have completed scans of Lesson 9 of the 2-8 Grade Lessons.

They are available on the Google Drive at this time.  You will find them by clicking the link and then looking for the folder for 2-8 Grade Lessons.  Each subject should now have 9 lessons.

Feel free to share with those who would like to know!