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Monday Bible Promise

Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me.  In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.  And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.

John 14: 1-3


Home Life, Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday

We want a spirit of gentleness. We cannot live right in the family circle without it. In order to have the proper control of our children, we must manifest a spirit of gentleness and of meekness and of long-suffering. We do not want to have a faultfinding, fretful, scolding spirit. If we teach them to have a spirit of gentleness, we must have a spirit of gentleness ourselves; … if we would have them manifest a spirit of love toward us, we must manifest a gentle, loving spirit toward them. But at the same time there need be no weakness or unwise indulgence on the part of parents. The mother must have firmness and decision. She must be as firm as a rock, and not swerve from the right. Her laws and rules should be carried out at all times and under all hazards, but she can do this with all gentleness and meekness…. The children will grow up God-fearing men and women.

My Life Today, 53


Nature Study

Basics of Bird Identification

The Great Backyard Bird Count  starts tomorrow!   Are you interested in participating with your children but you don’t know anything about birdwatching? This great four-video series from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology is a perfect place to start.  Appropriate for all ages, the videos guide you through the basics of bird identification.  The skills taught in these four interesting videos will help you improve your general nature study observation skills as well.

We’ve embedded the first video on our blog, and you can find the other three videos HERE


Happy Sabbath!

Safely through another week
God has brought us on our way;
Let us now a blessing seek,
Waiting in His courts today;
Day of all the week the best,
Emblem of eternal rest:
Day of all the week the best,
Emblem of eternal rest.

While we seek supplies of grace,
Thro’ the dear Redeemer’s name,
Show Thy reconciling face;
Take away the sin and shame:
From our worldly cares set free,
May we rest this day in Thee:
From our worldly cares set free,
May we rest this day in Thee.

When the more shall bid us rise,
May we feel Thy presence near;
May Thy glory meet our eyes,
While we in Thy house appear:
Here afford us, Lord, a taste
Of our everlasting feast:
Here afford us, Lord, a taste
Of our everlasting feast.

May the gospel’s joyful sound
Conquer sinners, comfort saints;
Make the fruits of grace abound,
Bring relief to all complaints:
Thus may all our Sabbaths be,
Till we we rise to reign with Thee.
Thus may all our Sabbaths be,
Till we we rise to reign with Thee.

Lowell Mason – SDA Hymnal, 384

Bible, Home Life, Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday

“We are fast entering the perils of the last days, when views which conflict with the word of God will be presented by men of giant intellects, and we ought to be able to show the falsity of their claims. Our children also should be thoroughly furnished with Bible truth, so that they will not be moved by every new doctrine that is presented in their hearing.

Many parents do not see the necessity that their children should be so particular in learning their Sabbath-school lessons, and often neglect to give them the proper assistance of encouragement. The great object of thoroughness in the study of the Bible is that they may understand why they believe as they do, and that when the test shall come and the question be asked, “Will you obey God, or will you yield to the requirements of the world?” they will decide to serve God, because by studying his word they have learned to love him and his truth.”

The Youth’s Instructor, February 19, 1879