Spring 2013 Week of Prayer

On Solid Ground ~ Day 5: Fixing Broken Parts

Welcome to the  fifth and last day of  On Solid Ground, our special Homeschool Week of Prayer.   Have you been blessed?   Today Pastor  Reeves will share with us : Fixing Broken Parts.


The theme song lyrics can be found by following this link.  My Hope is Built on Nothing Less  Please sing along with us!  Videos are now available for you to learn sign language to the theme song.

A special thanks to the Bull family from northern Iowa for providing our special music today!

Today’s Prayer Focus: Pray for the decisions that have been made this week, both in your life, in your family and the other families watching.  Pray that God will give us all strength to rise up and follow Him in a mighty and determined way.  Pray for our hearts to be totally and truly committed to God. 

Thanks to all of you who have commented, it has  been so thrilling to hear from homeschool families all over the world.  Pastor Reeves would love to hear from you!  Leave your questions, prayer requests or greetings in the comment form below.

Programming Note:  **The Week of Prayer videos will be posted on the AHE blog only until Sunday, March 10th.**                For those of you subscribing by email, please note that the video may not show up in the email.  Please visit the blog site directly to view the videos.

A special thank you to everyone who has helped out!  Another special thanks to those who have commented here and there and everywhere… 🙂  It has been wonderful getting to know you all.  We’re glad that you’ve all been able to be a part of this special Week of Prayer for Homeschoolers event.  For those that missed any messages, you can catch up through Sunday, March 10th. If that isn’t possible, be watching for details about how to get DVD’s so you can watch as well.  We will post details on the blog and in the next month’s newsletter. 

7 thoughts on “On Solid Ground ~ Day 5: Fixing Broken Parts”

  1. That was a treat. Friday’s message arrived in our inbox just in time for opening Sabbath here in Western Australia!! Thankyou Joe and everyone that made this week of prayer possible! We loved it!! I think we, the parents, were as blessed as our boys!!! Happy Sabbath everyone!


  2. We have watched 1 1/2 of your talks and plan to try to watch all of them before time runs out. (: We appreciate the stories, talking about real issues, and getting to the heart of the matter.


  3. Thank you to all who have put time and effort into making this Week of Prayer happen. It has been wonderful! We have enjoyed the stories and truth presented. The reminder that we are part of a world wide home school group is encouraging too. Prayers for our fellow home schoolers on your journey, we’re excited to meet you all in heaven!


  4. Thank you’s to Pastor Reeves, Melissa, Rhonda and everyone else who helped make this week of prayer possible. It definitely helped us feel more “connected” as an Adventist Homeschool community. It made me wonder what other “live” classes we could do together once in a while, like book reports, or reading writing class papers that are all on a shared topic. My kids wish the week wasn’t over. Thanks for all your hard work to make it happen =)


  5. It has been a great blessing to hear pastor Reeves speaking to our homeschooling families. Thank you pastor Reeves for presenting a timely message and sharing ideas to pursue a closer relationship with Christ.


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