Spring 2013 Week of Prayer

On Solid Ground ~ Day 4: Unshakeable Character

Welcome to the  fourth day of  On Solid Ground, our special Homeschool Week of Prayer.   Have you been blessed?   Today Pastor  Reeves will share with us : Unshakeable Character.


The theme song lyrics can be found by following this link.  My Hope is Built on Nothing Less  Please sing along with us!  Videos are now available for you to learn sign language to the theme song.

A special thanks to the Allen Family from east Texas for providing our special music today!

Today’s Prayer Focus: Homeschooling Freedoms/Becoming More Like Jesus.  Let’s pray for our governments around the world to be supportive with homeschooling and in areas where there are definite trials with homeschooling, give families strength and guidance to know God’s will in this area.  We also want to pray that we will be open to examining our hearts and our characters and being willing to let go of some bad habits and become more like Jesus. 

Thanks to all of you who have commented, it has  been so thrilling to hear from homeschool families all over the world.  Pastor Reeves  would love to hear from you!  Leave your questions, prayer requests or greetings in the comment form below.

Programming Note:  **The Week of Prayer videos will be posted on the AHE blog only until Sunday, March 10th.**                For those of you subscribing by email, please note that the video may not show up in the email.  Please visit the blog site directly to view the videos.

5 thoughts on “On Solid Ground ~ Day 4: Unshakeable Character”

  1. We loved today’s talk! My 19 year old said it was the best one so far! My 8 year old asked for it at 6:30 a.m. when she got up to do her morning quiet time. We looked for it, but it wasn’t posted yet–any way tomorrow’s can be posted a bit earlier??? We are on Eastern Standard Time. Still wish these would be left up permanently on the AHE site!


    1. Susan, we will try our best to get it scheduled a little earlier. I tend to finish uploading the videos quite late into the night, but I will try to schedule it a little earlier. So glad you are enjoying them!


  2. Very good message! I had to stop the video several times as my 8yo had to cut in and talk to me about what was being said. I am loving that this appeals to both my younger and older kids! Watching again from North Iowa. 🙂


  3. Thank-you for doing this Week of Prayer for Homeschoolers…it was a wonderful idea! My kids (ages 8, 5, 3 & newborn) & I watched every message & were blessed each time. Pastor Joe did a great job of appealing even to the younger ages with the use of interesting stories. If it’s God’s will, we would love to see another Week of Prayer like this next year! 🙂 Thanks from Montana.


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