Spring 2013 Week of Prayer

On Solid Ground ~ Day 1: Facing The Storm

Welcome to the first day of  On Solid Ground, our special Homeschool Week of Prayer.   Make plans to join us this week for special time of spiritual encouragement and prayer.   Share this page with your family and friends,  we’re sure they will enjoy this program as well.  Pastor Joe Reeves has a special message for us today: Facing the Storm.  Do you have your Bible at the ready?


Today’s Prayer Focus:    There are  homeschool families watching today that are  facing serious personal storms at this time, from  financial problems to health concerns, or opposition from family and friends, or simply spiritual struggles.  Please take a moment during your prayer time today to remember these families that are in the midst of storms.

Pastor Reeves welcomes your thoughts and questions.  He would love to hear from you!  Leave your questions, prayer requests or greetings in the comment form below.

Programming Note:  If you subscribe to the blog by email,  the video may not show up in the email.  Visit the blog site to view the video.

22 thoughts on “On Solid Ground ~ Day 1: Facing The Storm”

  1. I left a comment “somewhere else”. But we enjoyed the first talk very much!

    thanks to all!

    (Here’s the comment, we moved it for you, Laurie. 🙂


    1. Here’s Laurie’s comment (that she mentioned above):

      The Little A’s (Austin-9-, Andrew-8-, and Adam -6-) liked the first episode! Austin’s favorite part in the talk was when Pastor Joe talked about the tornado, Andrew’s favorite part was the sledding/truck story, and Adam’s favorite part was about when he was sledding, too.

      We all liked the musical numbers very much too!

      Adam said he liked all of the parts!
      “We like him”, said Austin.

      Mom’s note: This is even better than what I had expected! The music really adds a nice touch, and I’m glad you told us who the homeschoolers are who participated!



  2. Special thanks to the homeschooling families who helped with today’s program. The Bull family from Iowa for the theme song and the Ewert Family Band from Minnesota for special music.


  3. We enjoyed it from the Pacific Northwest. My oldest (12) said she’s going to listen more carefully to the Prophecy Seminar that she is attending. My 7 yo is anxious for me to work with him on his reading this morning so that He can read his own Bible. My 10 yo wants to know if listening to Matthew is as good as reading it. As he like to listen to an audio Bible.


  4. I had 5 kids with me, watching this morning. We are from SE WA. The oldest, 14, was not sure about wanting to watch at all. Pastor Joe immediately had his attention though 🙂 PTL! Thanks for for the great stories and for the challenge. My kids really enjoyed the music too, they liked knowing they were “home school kids”.


  5. Tuning in from sunny Florida! 🙂 Thank you to everyone who had a part in this–looking forward to tomorrow! Just me and my 8 year old daughter watching–we were both blessed!


  6. We thoroughly enjoyed the message for today. The kids really loved the stories and have committed to spending more time with Jesus each morning. Thanks from Central Texas!


  7. Thanks so much for today’s message! My boys loved the stories and are really looking forward to watching again tomorrow! We’re from country Western Australia!


  8. Thanks so much for leaving them up on the site! I forgot yesterday so we watched one day later. Such a blessing! Loved the penny whistle as we live in Ireland and it is an Irish instrument!


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