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Review for Math-U-See Primer

Product Description

In the Math-U-See Primer level your child will learn not only how to write numerals but also addition and subtraction, basic counting, skip counting, geometric shapes, telling time, and they will be introduced to the manipulative block system.  The Primer level is an introduction of math for the beginner learner, similar to Kindergarten level.

SDA Notes

This math program is hands-on, with block manipulative purchase a must (available from Math-U-See).  The children do not just observe and try and copy, but they are touching, feeling, building, and moving with math.  A rote memorization is not the focus, but rather an understanding.  A child should be able to hold a pencil and write curved lines (for number formation).   The program is not filled with silly animations or cartoons, is simple (not busy) yet attractive, so a child’s eye can easily move from one section of a workpage, to another section.

My Thoughts

Although Primer is geared for children who have not been introduced to numbers, it is a great program to begin math in the homeschool.  From the beginning, Steve Demme sets the foundation of important concepts, such as “units”, decimal street, and the concept of zero.  Key words are introduced at the earliest level and age, so that later on, a child will have heard the terms previously and can immediately understand more difficult concepts.  From a family with two engineers and extensive math background, this is a solid Math program that sets the stage for the correct understanding of math and its comprehension.   A Teacher DVD can be purchased with the textbooks.  For my first curriculum purchase, I opted to buy the DVD.  The children enjoy Mr. Demme and his laid-back yet accurate math teaching and gain encouragement seeing other homeschool children in the video.  The DVD is not needed, however, as every word and concept is written in the Teacher Textbook.  The student textbook offers 6 pages (front and back) of workbook per lesson (30 lessons total), with 3 of the pages offering review that covers previous lessons.  Also, Math-U-See offers two electronic sources – drill pages that are done online and a worksheet generator that can be used to print even more review workbook pages.  This is a great investment and a great beginner program.

Review by Nikki G.

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2 thoughts on “Review for Math-U-See Primer”

  1. Hi, where should I click for test skills for my son will be 12 yo next month. Math U see may be good for him since he was struggling with it.


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