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Curriculum Review: Christian Light Education, Grade 2, Math

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PRODUCT:  Christian Light 2nd Grade Math Curriculum

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  This curriculum uses 10 workbooks for the year, called “Light Units”.  Each one contains approximately 17 lessons.  There are two quizzes and one test for each unit.  Every lesson takes 30 minutes or less to complete and includes an interesting or unusual fact, a speed drill, flashcard and counting exercises. The lessons introduce one new concept and then reviews previously taught concepts. The explanations are simple and clear so that the student can often work without a teacher’s help.  The workbooks are printed in two colors:  black and green.  Each unit is on a particular theme, like “Spring”, for example.  The story problems in each lesson center on that theme.  The teachers guide includes some extra tips and also serves as the answer book.

SDA NOTES:  People are always modestly dressed in the pictures, and pictures may include women with head-coverings. There is nothing I have found offensive and plenty that is good and healthy in this curriculum.  There is a recipe in one of the lessons that even includes granola.

MY THOUGHTS:  We really like this curriculum. It is inexpensive and thorough. It seems to have enough practice on the various concepts, but not too much.  It is also very easy to understand and use.  When I have called “Christian Light” with questions, they have been very considerate, pleasant and helpful.

Review by:  Heather K.

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1 thought on “Curriculum Review: Christian Light Education, Grade 2, Math”

  1. God works in such wonderfully mysterious ways! I have spent the week praying for direction from the Lord concerning my Home-school. In response, the Lord guided me to the chapter on ‘The School of the Prophets’ in P&P, and this email from AHE this morning!! I am excited.


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