Devotional, Encouragement, Work

The Lesson of Work

Have you ever wondered if teach children to work is really part of their education? Here is some profound admonition on the subject. (Notice the last quote in which work is referred to as school.)

“Parents should awaken to the fact that the most important lesson for their children to learn is that they must act their part in bearing the burdens of the home.” (Adventist Home, p. 285)

“Work is good for children; they are happier to be usefully employed a large share of the time; their innocent amusements are enjoyed with a keener zest after the successful completion of their tasks. Labor strengthens both the muscles and the mind. Mothers may make precious little helpers of their children; and, while teaching them to be useful, they may themselves gain knowledge of human nature and how to deal with these fresh, young beings and keep their hearts warm and youthful by contact with the little ones. And as their children look to them in confidence and love, so may they look to the dear Saviour for help and guidance. Children that are properly trained, as they advance in years, learn to love that labor which makes the burdens of their friends lighter.” (Adventist Home, p. 286)

“If children were taught to regard the humble round of everyday duties as the course marked out for them by the Lord, as a school in which they were to be trained to render faithful and efficient service, how much more pleasant and honorable would their work appear! To perform every duty as unto the Lord throws a charm around the humblest employment and links the workers on earth with the holy beings who do God’s will in heaven.”  (Adventist Home, p. 287)

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