Prayer for AHE and AHE Families

Hi everyone,

I’m not sure if you are all familiar with the book 40 Days;  Prayers and Devotions to Prepare for the Second Coming by Dennis Smith.  I am beginning this study with some ladies at church and since we do not have meetings coming up with specific people to be praying that God will reach to bring to the meetings, I instead am focusing my prayers on specific needs or requests that God is placing on my heart.

One of my Prayer Pages will be focused on AHE.  I am sharing with you all for a specific reason.  One, the book says we should alert those we are praying for.  🙂  Two, we should ask for requests concerning this person/request.

My focus on the AHE prayer page will be in the ministry of AHE.  I want to pray for the families (in general) that are homeschooling and trying to follow God’s calling in this area.  I want to pray for the ministry that we are reaching out in areas that God desires us to reach out.  I want to pray over AHE’s current ministries (the email lists, the facebook page, the website, the study board) to be sure it is as God would have it.  I have concerns that have been brought to my attention that I will be praying over, as well.

So, I am asking that you all, since you are all part of AHE (you are all Adventist Homeschoolers), that if you have concerns or thoughts concerning AHE that you feel free to bring them to my attention so that I can pray over them in the next 60 days (I give myself 2 months to cover my 40 days of prayer since I sometimes “miss a day” of the specific requests).   Please send those thoughts to Melissa at:

Also, I am asking that if anyone wishes to join me in praying for the AHE ministry, that they feel free to join me.  I know that God has blessings to impart on AHE families and on the ministry itself if we would just ask and pray for God’s leading.  So please join with me if God places this on your heart.



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