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The Sunshine of Courtesy

Above all things else, let parents surround their children with an atmosphere of cheerfulness, courtesy, and love.   Ministry of Healing pg. 386

Yesterday, I took my younger children to a swimming party. While waiting in line, a mother, father and two little children passed in front of me as I waited at the desk. The mother said to the older child (about 5 years old), “Say excuse me honey.” The little girl happily said “Excuse me”.

That may sound trivial to some, but I thought that was the sweetest kindest thing! First that the mom took the time to say excuse me herself and then kindly had her child say it as they passed. Beautiful.

Too many times at stores, I have had people step right in front of me as though I was not there. It is a very rude practice.

So, I experienced another “Momma’s Sunshine” in my own life yesterday and thought I would share that with you.

I guess “Momma’s Sunshine” can affect adults too.
Hebrews 10:24
And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works



Tonya shares more about sunshine in the home on her blog, Momma’s Sunshine

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