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Fun Links for April

Many homeschool families like to add missions/missionaries units to their world history or geography lessons.  Here are some great resources to help you create a custom  unit or year-long study of missions/missionaries.  Seventh-day Adventist resources are marked with an *.

Missionary Stories for Kids – A Squidoo page with lots of ideas and links for biographies of missionaries.

Teaching with God’s Heart for the World – A free year-long curriculum that incorporates world missions with other subjects.

Missions and Missionaries Unit Study – Resources and ideas from Eclectic Homeschool Online.

Resources for Parents and Teachers from Wycliffe Bible Translators

*Maranatha Volunteers International – Lots of inspiration for hands-on mission work.  Free DVDs available.

*Adventist Missions– Lots of ideas and resources.  Be sure to check the past children’s quarterlies for games, puzzles and recipes.

*Adventist Frontier Missions– Inspiring first-hand accounts of reaching the unreached.

*CIRCLE : Browsing Adventist Missions – A page full of Adventist mission websites and resources.

*Visionary for Kids – Online kids magazine issue focusing on Adventist missions.


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