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Geocaching – Part 3 ~ Guest Post

Many thanks to Vicky for sharing her family’s interest in geocaching with us!

Read Part One or Part Two

What do I do if I want to hide a cache?

First of all, I would suggest you find a few caches first. You’ll never know what you will find, and the more you look, the more ideas you’ll have.

Have you hidden a cache? If so, what did you do?

Yes, I have one cache hidden. But, I hid it after I’d found about 35 others myself. (Just so you know there are people who have found thousands!!!). What I did to hide my cache is first decide where I wanted people to come – and where it would be OK for them to come. Since I live in a townhome complex, bringing strangers in where there are many children present wasn’t too good an idea for me. So, after seeking permission, I placed a micro (very, very small cache) on the property of my son’s boy choir. I did this because I want people to come and see the sign for the Land of Lakes

C’mon, give geocaching a try, it’s fun!

Choirboys, thus helping to spread the choir name to those who might not have heard of them before. I created a listing on; and, once a volunteer reviewed my cache site, my cache was listed on the website. Within 18 hours of the listing, I already had people finding it. Currently I have 17 finds and 0 Did Not Finds.

There are several places that you should NOT put a cache – under overpasses, near government offices or in places where placing an item could create a panic (“there’s a bomb!”).

Do you have any resources we can go to find out more?

Yes, I do. Of course has some great FAQ’s as well as a couple of video clips. You can also go to youtube and search “geocaching.” As always, please prescreen clips you choose before letting your kids see them. As new clips are being put up, I cannot guarantee the quality of what’s there. However, generally what I’ve seen has been fairly acceptable. Here is a good clip to get started.

clever hides:

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