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Five Fun Apple Unit Study Resources

apples on a burlap bag



A unit study featuring apples as the subject can be both fun and tasty!   Resources for apple-themed unit studies abound- check out these five links to get you started.


Short a apple craft & activity – easily to adapt to an alphabet theme for younger children.

Apple-themed book list- for read aloud fun.

Apple Life Cycle worksheets – free printables for personal use.

Math games using apples  – 10 free pages.

Apple Pack – this resource contains more than 60 pages of math, phonics, reading, and writing fun.


Motivation Monday

Sunrise Above Mount Fuji

I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth.

Psalm 121:1-2

A Lesson In Making The Bed

I make my bed every morning. No big deal.  Takes me less than two minutes to do it correctly. (I timed myself once!)  But today, I did not want to do it.  I don’t know why.  I just threw the blankets across the bed haphazardly and began to walk away…

Until I remembered the three young lives I’m responsible for today.  And the prayer from morning worship about being a witness for Christ in all our words and actions.  And the expectation that my children to do their best at their morning chores the first time.  I remembered my first work.  It took less than two minutes for me to feel 1000% better about my day.

Parents, do you ask what your work is? It is to take up your home responsibilities, doing the best you can, and seeking daily, hourly, to set before your children an example worthy of imitation. God’s purpose for your children is that they shall be sanctified through the truth, and to reach this condition, all the help that you and heavenly agencies can supply will be needed. “  The Signs of the Times – Nov. 14, 1911

Show & Share ~ Sept. 24th

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Welcome to the September 24th edition of Show & Share. We look forward to enjoying what you have to share today. For Show & Share ideas and guidelines, read this post

SonLight Education Ministry Materials for Free Download

Many new homeschoolers may be unaware that the Seventh-day Adventist homeschool materials that Curlyn discussed in her blog post yesterday are available for free torrent download.   The Bible-based curriculum is intended for birth through grade 12.  It is important to note that the files are large, and will take a block of time to complete.

To get an overview of the entire program , start by downloading the Road Map and Route files first.  These files contain the basic scope/sequence of the curriculum, sample daily schedules and samples of the materials used at the various grade levels.

The curriculum is modeled after the Hebrew system of education and is amenable to adaptation to meet the needs of your family.   It is worth the time to read through the entire SonLight Education Ministry website.



Show & Share ~ September 17th

show & share2014
Welcome to the Septembr 17th Edition of Show & Share. We look forward to enjoying what you have to share today. For Show & Share ideas and guidelines, read this post

Inexpensive Phonics Manipulatives

Alphabet/phonics/word work manipulatives add enjoyment to the process of learning to read and spell.  These hands-on materials can be found very inexpensively if you know where to look.
Phonics manipulatives

Next time you are in a dollar or discount store, be sure to check for potential manipulatives.  Don’t limit your search to just the educational supply section, also take a look in the office supply aisle, and  the dollar bin area.   The toy aisle might reveal manipulatives as well – think wooden alphabet blocks!

The blue foam letter squares, the letter magnets and the alphabet bingo game shown above were each found for only a dollar.  I’ve also found simple file folder games and sight word strips, and even the pocket chart for one dollar.  Don’t forget to look for blank sentence strips!

phonics manipulatives 2Next time you are at a yard or jumble sale,  look for old Scrabble or other word games.  Doesn’t matter if all of the pieces are there, you just need the letter tiles or word pieces.  Many times these games can be had for free.  That was the case with the wooden Scrabble tiles shown above.  I love those Scrabble tiles because they are very sturdy and will hold up to lots of word play.

Keep your eyes peeled for cheap letter & word study manipulatives – they’re out there!