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Motivation Monday

Praying“Religious instruction means much more than ordinary instruction. It means that you are to pray with your children, teaching them how to approach Jesus and tell Him all their wants. It means that you are to show in your life that Jesus is everything to you, and that His love makes you patient, kind, forbearing, and yet firm in commanding your children after you, as did Abraham.”

The Adventist Home, 317

Wish Books for Science-Minded Homeschoolers

I see youWhen I was young, I looked forward to the arrival of the fall department store catalogs in the mail.  I would spend hours poring over the ‘wish books’ making lists of things that I wanted to save up to buy.

I consider these science catalogs are the equivalent of wish books for science-minded homeschoolers.  We love to get all four of these catalogs in the mail!   My children have marked the pages with kits or equipment that looks exciting to them and made lists of items to save up to purchase.  I’ll readily admit that I’ve marked up these science catalogs as well, with all the science curriculum kits, materialsscience 3 and supplements that I’d like to use.    I have ordered curriculum materials, lab equipment, microscope slides, dissections sets, etc. from these companies as well and have been nothing but satisfied.

I’ve linked to the catalog request portion of each site, but these companies also have online catalogs as well for immediate browsing.

Nasco  Science Resources

Home Science Tools

Nature’s Workshop Plus!

Carolina Biological


Show & Share – July 23

School supplies await the first day of class

Welcome to the July 23rd Edition of Show & Share. We look forward to enjoying what you have to share today. For Show & Share ideas and guidelines, read this post

More on Moore

Last week’s post on Delayed Academics mentioned the late Dr. Raymond Moore several times.  For those who are not aware, not only was Dr. Moore considered to be the father of the modern homeschooling movement, he and his wife Dorothy were also Seventh-day Adventist.   His homeschooling methodology is a practical application of the True Education principles taught in Spirit of Prophecy.

Ellen Dana from the Moore Academy was interviewed by in 2009 about the Moore Formula and delayed academics.   In addition  The Moore’s daughter , Kathy Kordenbrock, was also interviewed.   These podcasts are timeless and invaluable inspiration for both new and veteran homeschool families.  Listen and gain a clearer understanding of how delayed academics and the Moore Formula can be a blessing in your home.

Dorothy & Raymond Moore Homeschooling Series

The podcasts are also available on itunes – look for thatmom’s podcasts 93-100.

Motivation Monday


“From a child, Timothy knew the Scriptures; and this knowledge was a safeguard to him against the evil influences surrounding him, and the temptation to choose pleasure and selfish gratification before duty. Such a safeguard all our children need; and it should be a part of the work of parents and of Christ’s ambassadors to see that the children are properly instructed in the word of God.”

Gospel Workers 1892, pg 16

Thoughts on Delayed Academics

Green apple on booksWhat does delayed academics look like in a homeschool program?  How do families come to choose this important educational philosophy?   Here are four collected articles from around the web that begin to answer this question.

In On Waiting for Reading Readiness, a homeschooling mother shares how she grew into the understanding of waiting until her daughter was ready to read.

Another mother shares in Methods Monday: Delayed Academics what the concept looks like in her home with her children.

Dawnita explains in Delayed Academics how the first book she read on homeschooling introduced her to the idea of delayed academics.

The Moore Formula is the first introduction many homeschooling families have to delayed academics.  This summary article of the Moore Formula describes what homeschooling looks like when you put off formal instruction.

Motivation Monday

Father Kissing Son

” Let the children be patiently and kindly restrained from evil. This restraint, ministered with mercy and tenderness, exercised intelligently, will be a constant school for the children. There are different temperaments in the family, and it is often necessary to let patience have her perfect work.

Manuscript Releases Volume 15, pg 44