Helpful Links for March

Planning a study  of Adventist pioneers ?  This gallery of drawings of Adventist pioneers will be helpful to your study.  Adventist Pioneer Library has a nice page with brief biographical sketches and pictures as well.   If you are also creating a timeline of church history,  here’s a sample parallel timeline showing key events in US history, world history and SDA church history.  Makes a great model to help your student create their own parallel timeline.

If you are looking for ideas and resources to do a Christian character traits lapbook or unit study, the Character lapbook page at Homeschool Share has some great ideas and printables to get you started.

It’s always handy to have a source for math drill worksheets. has thousands of free printable worksheets on many different math topics.

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Blessed to homeschool three children in rural east Texas.

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  1. Thanks! The pioneer stuff looks great!

  2. Great links on the Adventist Heritage studies. I was just thinking that I wanted to study that with my kids next year. Haven’t done a study on it with them since my oldest was 6 now my third child is 5, so it’s time to do it again.

  3. Considering what my Fbook update is about, this is Providential timing!Blessings

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